PARadise Academy 

Providing resources to Tutoring Centres

PARadise Academy currently provides software and paper copy resources (PDFs) to Tuition Centres located in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

If we haven't got what you need, we may be able to write it for you. Read what's 'in the pipeline'.

New Resources Added to PAR Software

We have just added a considerable amount of new material to the PAR software.
It is all available in PDF form also.

Listed under Statistics:
Reading Graphs
Reading Tables
Reading Timetables

Listed in Measurement:
Measuring Length
Reading scales
Measurement C-6D + E (added lessons on volume)

Listed under Reasoning:
Verbal Reasoning – new lessons:
13B 13C 13D (Hidden word)
26 (Sense Connections)
27, 28 (3 Missing letters)
29, 30 (Compound words)

Listed under Problems:
Problems 8 (15 new lessons)
Problems 6 new lessons: 10–15
Problems 7 new lessons: 11–15

Listed under Secondary Topics:
Number Sequences (linear & quadratic)

Listed under Early Reading:
Comprehension for More Sounds (Requires a PDF to print stories from)

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